he pursuit of joy riders into woodlands unearths the skeleton of schoolgirl Carrie Telling, who went missing thirty years earlier. Her father Bill believes that at the time the police were more interested in confronting striking miners than searching for her and Vera accepts that there is no love of the police in the former pit village. Less the innocent daughter than Bill believed Carrie had apparently persuaded school-friend Michael Tennant, now a member of parliament, to steal a credit card from his boss Arjan Banerjee, possibly to fund an abortion whilst Carrie's mother Beryl, long estranged from Bill following an affair, points Vera towards former bad boy Terry Manttan, whom Carrie often visited in jail. When Terry is also murdered it becomes apparent to Vera that the killer is somebody who had something to hide in 1985 that Carrie exposed and that they are still prepared to kill to keep their secret.

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