ldous' death affects most of the clones either directly or indirectly and in different ways. With Paul missing in action, Rachel, who does not know Aldous is dead, is taking charge at Dyad by saying that he died of a heart attack. Cosima and Delphine are still on the outs with each other, Cosima who takes decisive measures to ensure Delphine is unable to make the unilateral decisions concerning Cosima's treatments that she has done thus far with respect to using Kira. Alison and Donnie's marriage reaches a new level as Donnie tries to cope with both the new knowledge of his wife being a clone, and his accidental killing of Aldous. Sarah still does not fully trust her surroundings, especially if Ethan is on their side or Dyad's, but she and Mrs. S decide to take a chance as Ethan states he can cure Cosima without having to use Kira. And Art and Felix meet yet another clone, one by the name of Tony Zwickey, who was originally contacted by Beth. Tony, who has a trait different than all the other known clones, doesn't seem to know about being a clone, so Felix and Art have to decide for both Sarah and Tony's sakes if they will let Tony meet Sarah. Much of that may depend on how much they want to hear the dying breaths of Tony's probable monitor, Sammy, that message specifically for Beth. Conversely, Tony believes Beth, as a cop, could answer the question of who the suits are who ambushed them.

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