Latino boy, somewhere in his early to mid teens, is found wandering in the middle of the desert outside of Crawford, Arizona. He had obviously escaped from some sort of extended captivity, as he has ankle chain scars, is extremely emaciated from lack of nourishment, light and mobility, and he has cuts on the bottom of his feet from running through the nearby cactus field. Getting any information from him or examining him proves to be difficult as he has an extreme case of conditioned emotional response, which is resulting in him hiding in the dark, not speaking and not wanting any human contact. An emotional Morgan uses information from his own troubled background to try and get through to the boy. There is some sense of urgency to the case as Billy Henderson, an overly cautious boy from a stable family, has just gone missing from his home in nearby Flagstaff and is presumed the unsub's latest victim. Meanwhile, the emaciated boy's story played on the local news brings up a thirty year old repressed memory for Crawford native Samantha Allen. When she was a child of five, she believes she saw a child in chains in the basement of her family home, which she always thought was just something in her imagination. She is reluctant to share this information with the authorities for fear that it will implicate her father, local developer J.B. Allen, as the unsub. Once Prentiss gets this information from her, the team has to figure out if Samantha's memory is real or truly imaginary, and if it is real where J.B. Allen is hiding Billy.

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