fter a year in Toronto, Elena Michaels (Laura Vandervoort) has carved out a dream gig as a freelance photographer and is in a fiery romance with sexy, smart ad exec Philip McAdams (Paul Greene). There's just one problem: Elena is the only female werewolf in known existence, and has managed to keep that secret from the man she loves. But Elena's year of self-imposed exile in Toronto is shattered after the body of a young woman is found, killed by a "wolf" on the outskirts of Bear Valley in Upstate New York...close to the ancestral home of her Pack -- Stonehaven. Alpha Jeremy Danvers (Greg Bryk) recognizes the kill as that of a non-Pack werewolf and wants to shut this Mutt down fast -- he calls the Pack home for a meet and members Clay Danvers (Greyston Holt), Nick Sorrentino (Steve Lund) and Antonio Sorrentino (Paulino Nunes) soon arrive, with Logan Jonsen (Michael Xavier) and Pete Myers (Joel Keller) to follow as soon as they can.

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