osh and Ella are providing support to Claire and Tom respectively for their medical appointments. Claire has not told anyone else besides Josh that she is either pregnant or getting an abortion, with Josh possibly not providing the support she needs. In the end, Claire may be unprepared for the emotional toil of the procedure, regardless of what she considers her liberal feminist view on the matter. Equally, Ella may not have been the best person to accompany Tom to the dentist's office, as she is as freaked by dentists as he is. However, in the process, they may come to a definitive understanding of the current state of their relationship. Arnold and his parents are going through the experiment of a trial sleepover to see if Arnold is truly welcome back into his homophobic father's life. And with Josh preoccupied with Claire, he is unable to help either of his own parents on their current missions. Rose believes Stuart is cheating on her with his wife, Hazel, and wants to devise a way to get back at him. And Alan is trying to move on in his life without Mae and Grace by finding a new place to live. With everyone feeling someone down in the dumps, Tom thinks he has a way to cheer everyone up, that is if John cooperates.

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