923:- The Middletons are just about surviving with their dairy farm whilst Martha has married George and Lady Clem is reluctantly hosting arrogant, promiscuous Lord Kilmartin, who can assist Edmund's political progress. Bert volunteers to be the hare in the annual hare and hounds race organized by the Allinghams with a cash prize if he avoids capture. His plan involves changing clothes with Gerard Eyre to put the hounds off the scent and, whilst he wins, Kilmartin accuses him of cheating and withholds payment. Socialist Bill Gibby arrives in the village as does a boxing booth with a financial prize given to anybody who can survive a round with Ghana Jones. Bert enters and loses though Kilmartin wins, through bribery. However , backed by Martha, Grace shames Edmund into paying Bert his money whilst Edmund's agent Bairstow blackmails Kilmartin into giving Edmund a cabinet post.

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